i'm evelin but you can call me evie!!

  • · eng/pt
  • · intp-t
  • · aquarius
  • · any pronouns
  • · i love eichi tenshouin more than anything in this world!!!

feel free to ask anything or dm me, i love making new friends

before you follow, be aware that i:

  • · retweet and livetweet quite a lot
  • · may spam things
  • · may post/rt/like gore and nsfw content (i do this very often)

please don't follow if you:

  • · fit the usual dfi criteria
  • · hate any enstars chara
  • · are easily triggered by problematic ships
  • · are into fandom/ship wars
  • · are bandwagon scum
  • · mischaracterize eichi
  • · joke about eichi's disease/death (i know some people aren't being mean and are just joking cause they find it funny but... well. it came to the point where i don't know if people are being serious or not. and i REALLY can't stand someone laughing at such a delicate matter to me.)

+ notes:

  • · selective-follow
  • · if you're against my dfi i'll probably block you
  • · if you want to unfollow me please soft block me right away cause it saves my time, thanks
  • best boys: eichi , shinonon, tsumugi
  • best unit: fine
  • fav club: tea club
  • fav class: 3-A